Rotaheater Product Range

Rotaheater Product Range

Rotaheater Product Range

Rotaheat has developed two product families:

  • The Rotaheater Pico range, designed to deliver peak power from 3kW to over 30 kW
  • The Rotaheater Micro range, designed to deliver peak thermal power of between 30kW and in excess of 200 kW

Each Rotaheater product

  • delivers temperatures of up to 110°C
  • emits zero carbon emissions
  • is highly efficient, typically exceeding 95% efficiency
  • operates from low shaft RPM to 2000 RPM
  • incorporates a small pump, ideal for closed loop heating systems
  • can work with ancillary equipment such as external pumps to meet user requirements

Input and output energy requirement profiles can be accounted for in device design and selection.

Rotaheat is working hard to serve a wider range of markets and applications.  We plan to expand the Rotaheater range to deliver higher temperatures and increased thermal power output.  Do contact us with your specific requirements.

The Products:

Rotaheater® Pico

Rotaheater® Pico operates over a wide spectrum to convert mechanical rotational energy direct to thermal energy in the form of heated fluids at up to 110°C. The Pico can be configured to deliver from 3kW to over 30kW of heat with an integral pump assisting the flow of fluid to your application.

For more details on the Rotaheater Pico:  Click Here

Rotaheater Micro

The Rotaheater Micro, the larger sibling to our Rotaheater Pico, is suitable for applications demanding from 30kW to over 200kW of heat. An integral pump aids moving the heated fluids at temperatures of up to 110°C to your application.

Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS)

Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS) provides remote monitoring and control support. Designed to monitor the heat generated from a Rotaheater, the DACS logs data, provides wireless 3G/4G remote access, reports performance and provides system control.