ETV, confidence Rotaheaters are highly effective

Rotaheaters are highly effective at converting motive power direct to heat.  ETV provides confidence to our claim.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) have highlighted how heat accounts for almost half of global energy consumption.  Consumers of heat must make more investment to decarbonise heat and meet net zero emission targets.

Our Rotaheaters introduce a new and disruptive technology for how to efficiently generate heat.  We understand our product performance claims are challenging in the absence of closely related technology.

Rotaheat knows that both our Rotaheater Pico and the Rotaheater Micro demonstrate outstanding performance.  This is based on the evidence we have established through extensive testing under a wide range of conditions.

To offer you increased confidence in how well Rotaheaters perform, we obtained Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) by working with a professional third-party Verification Body to internationally recognised standards.  The scheme involves a rigorous verification process of a manufacturer’s environmental claims, to support and promote green energy solutions. 

ETV BRE Global Verified

EU ETV mark

BRE Global EU ETV Verified

ETV operates internationally to ISO 14034, providing credibility to the innovative environmental technologies needed to help achieve Net Zero emissions. The EU ETV scheme operates in Europe to the General Verification Protocol (v1.3) which fully complies with the international standard ISO 14034.

The Rotaheater Micro and Pico were verified in the framework of the EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) programme for the application of providing efficient energy conversion of motive power to heat in heating systems by BRE Global Verification Body on 24.01.2023. The Statement of Verification has been registered under number VN20220051 and is accessible at the following address:


“Rotaheat is delighted to have received BRE’s ETV Statement of Verification for our clean heat products, the Rotaheater Pico and Rotaheater Micro. BRE’s rigorous scrutiny of our performance claims for our clean heat products provides heating system suppliers the confidence that Rotaheaters can help meet society’s need for clean heat.”

Robert Thompson, Rotaheat