Rotaheater Pico

Rotaheater Pico

The Rotaheater Pico product platform delivers up to 30kW of clean thermal output by converting motive power direct to thermal energy in the form of heated liquids.  The Rotaheater Pico is intended to be integrated with other equipment and assemblies to form a low-carbon heating solution.

Heated fluids are suitable for supplying hot water systems, space heating and industrial heat systems.

Rotaheat offers 5 primary configurations of the Rotaheater Pico, supporting a wide range of motive power sources from low speed / high torque conditions through to high speed / low torque conditions.

Rotaheater Pico Performance graph
Figure: Rotaheater Pico Performance for 5 core configurations

Rotaheater Pico’s support:

  • delivering temperatures at up to 110°C
  • hydraulic applications of up to 0.3MPa (3 Bar)
  • motive power drive shaft speeds of up to 2000RPM

Each primary configuration is supplied to suit a range of fluid port connections and fluids to be heated.

  • Fluid port fittings:  3/4″ Male NPT or 22mm Swagelok compression fittings.
  • Elastomers:  The liquid to be heated must be non-hazardous and compatible with either EPDM elastomers, or optionally Viton elastomers.  Generally, EPDM elastomers would be selected for heating water.  Our default is EPDM elastomers for supporting applications involving the heating of water, with Viton elastomers available on request.

Further details are provided in our Rotaheater Pico factsheet, which will be emailed to you by completing this form.


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