Rotaheat’s Technology

Rotaheat’s patented technology converts motive power (mechanical rotational energy) direct to clean heat. Our clean heat is typically delivered in the form of heated fluids at temperatures up to 110°C, but can exceed over 300°C. Our technology exploits magnetic fields and Joule heating effect of Eddy Currents.

The use of magnetic fields to heat fluid:

  • avoids wear associated with friction generated heat, or shear heating
  • offers an intrinsically safe system
  • enables solutions which are easily tailored for the power output required

Consider the merits of the technology for electrical generation versus Rotaheater technology for the generation of heat:

Motive Power to Electrical generation to Heat versus Motive Power direct to Heat

Electrical Conversion

Electrical generation and distribution offers convenience and flexibility – in return for an overhead.

An electrical system installation:

  • requires expensive and complex generation equipment
  • is constrained by regulation and requires complex voltage conditioning equipment if you wish to have export capability
  • requires a grid connection if you wish to export the power when in surplus
  • the system has to be installed by competent, qualified and regulated specialists
  • can be installed in conjunction with existing non-renewable heating
  • has un-collectable losses in the form of heat in its generation
  • output can be stored but it is potentially complex and expensive to do so.

An ohmic heating system is reliable and well-proven but still requires a header tank and circulatory pump.

In short, Electrical generation is unnecessary, complex, expensive and inefficient – if you simply want heat for use in a local environment.

Magnetic conversion

Utilising Magnetic Fields provides a heating solution whose simplicity and efficiency can render projects viable which would otherwise not be so.

The Rotaheater solution is ideal if you have available rotational energy and simply want heat:

  • plumbing installation is short and straight forward; a single cold water inlet and a single hot water outlet
  • a single device with an integral pump ideal for closed loop circuits
  • has a single power input shaft
  • can be installed in conjunction with existing non-renewable heating
  • heat is easy and inexpensive to store and can be batch pumped with a secondary pump for longer distance or district heating solutions

The Rotaheater offers a very simple and highly efficient solution for the generation of heat.

In short, Rotaheat’s products provide a low cost solution to support the production, storage and local consumption of heat.

Intellectual Property:

Rotaheat has been granted patents for our core technology in key geographical markets including UK, USA, China, Germany and France.