Portable Rotaheat

Portable Rotaheat

Portable Rotaheat

Simple efficient heat generation when other solutions simply are not available.

Environmental heating is a significant human and industrial need and Rotaheat can play a significant part in providing portable heat. For emergency or a planned power outage Rotaheat’s products can be used in conjunction with ….

  • a tractor driven space heat generation task for animal husbandry or frost protection
  • a diesel driven generator turning a Rotaheater delivering hot water to a production line
  • an impeller dropped in to moving water to produce heat, pasteurised or fresh clean water


  • a propshaft turning a Rotaheater for emergency heating after weather a related event

The simplicity and power efficiency of a Rotaheater makes it a cheaper and more easily deployable solution than those based on the generation of electricity and then heat.

Rotaheat Devices are ideally suited to the portable production of heat:

Highly input condition tolerant, highly environmentally tolerant

Easy and quick to install with only 3 connections required – cold, hot and motive power

Robust designs which do not require external control input– producing heat with every turn

Intrinsically safe